Fall 2017 PIR Day Camps

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Monday, October 2nd

For Grades 2-5
9am-3pm, $75

Deconstruct toys, household objects and simple machines, then hack them back together and give them new life! Click here to sign up.


Tuesday, October 3rd

For Grades 2-5;
9am-3pm, $75

Design, construct, and test your very own customized version of the classic Operation game. It’ll tickle your funny bone! Click here to sign up.


Thursday, October 19th

For Grades 2-5
9am-3pm, $75

With DaVinci as our inspiration, we’ll design spans, overpasses and cantilevers that can withstand the forces of tension and compression. Then we’ll team up to assemble an enormous archway – look Ma, no nails! Click here to sign up.

Week-Long Summer Camps

Menu Choices

June 12 – 16

All New Curriculum: Launch!
Monday – Friday
9am – 3:30pm; $235
For kids entering Grades 1 – 6
Serving 60 kids; hosted at Hawthorne

Are you ready for rockets, spy gadgets, space labs and duct tape? We sure hope so, because all of this and more is included in Camp Invention: Launch! Your kids will have a blast!

Click here for more information.


August 14 – 18

Build the City of the Future!
Monday – Friday
9am – 3:30pm; $235
For Grades 3 – 6
Hosted at Hawthorne Elementary

The year is 3000. Household robots. Flying cars. A monorail to Yellowstone. What will Bozeman look like in 10, 100, 1,000 years? We’re teaming up with professional architects and planners to imagine, design and prototype the City of the Future. See you there!


STEAMlab Summer Mini-Camps

Menu Choices

June 27 – 29

Tuesday – Thursday
9am – 3pm; $175
For Grades 3 – 5

Minecraft is a powerful tool used by design professionals. Dream it, build it! SOLD OUT!


July 11 – 12

Tuesday – Wednesday
9am – 3pm; $125
For Grades 3 – 5

Learn the basics of robotics programming and test your robot in our massive maze! SOLD OUT!


July 24 – 25

Monday – Tuesday
9am – 3pm; $125
For Grades 3 – 5

We’re making movies the old fashioned way: one frame at a time. Simple methods, endless opportunities! SOLD OUT!

Camps F.A.Q.s

Menu Choices


Q. What does a typical day at camp look like?
A. Our camps are designed to provide a mix of creative opportunities, scientific exploration, teamwork, and individual activities to cater to different interests, learning styles, and personalities. Each day of camp includes includes team-building exercises, hands-on learning activities, walking field trips, and supervised free play. A typical schedule for a full-day camp for kids in grades K-5 might look like this:

8:45-9:00 – Drop Off
9:00-9:15 – Free Play/Icebreaker
9:15-10:45 – First Activity Period
10:45-11:00 – First Snack (BYO)
11:00-12:30 – Second Activity Period
12:30-1:30 – Lunch (BYO)/Outdoor Play
1:30-3:00 – Third Activity Period
3:00-3:15 – Pick Up

Q. How big are CMB camps?
A. Once a summer, we host Camp Invention, which takes place at the Whittier School and is open to as many as 60 campers. This year, we’re also hosting one other off-site camp, Bozeman 3000 A.D., serving up to 36 children. Camps that are hosted here at CMB or in the STEAMlab are limited to 12 participants.

Q. Are scholarships available for your camps?
A. Yes! We have a limited number of half-price scholarships available. Call (406)522-9087 for more info.

Q. What should my child bring to camp?
A. Children should bring their snacks and lunch, a water bottle, and play clothes appropriate for our changeable Montana weather.

Q. What is the CMB Summer Camp cancellation policy?
A. Cancellations made within 10 days of the camp start date will not be refunded. Cancellations made between 11 and 29 days prior to camp will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made 30 days or more prior to camp will be refunded in full, less a $25 administration fee. Proration for partial or incompleted camps is not offered.