Fall 2018 PIR Day Camps

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Mon, Oct 8 | 9am – 3pm

Grades 2+ | $75
Sewing + circuitry = textiles with an electronic twist. Don’t worry if you don’t (yet) know how to sew…we’ll teach you! Pre-registration required – click here to register.


Tues, Oct 9 | 9am – 3pm

Grades 2+ | $75
Because, really, who doesn’t love playing with legos? Plus, design and 3D print your own lego!
Pre-registration Required – click here to register.


Thurs, Oct 18 | 9am – 3pm

Grades 2+ | $75
Crunch the cryptography code and create your own to send secret messages!
Pre-registration required. Click here to register!


Fri, Oct 19 | 9am – 3pm

Grades 2+ | $75
Learn cool stuff about light and construct LED circuit creations!
Pre-registration required, click here to register!

STEAMlab Camps F.A.Q.s

Menu Choices


Q. What does a typical day at camp look like?
A. Our camps are designed to provide a mix of creative opportunities, scientific exploration, teamwork, and individual activities to cater to different interests, learning styles, and personalities. Each day of camp includes includes team-building exercises, hands-on learning activities, walking field trips, and supervised free play. A typical schedule for a full-day camp for kids in grades K-5 might look like this:

8:45-9:00 – Drop Off
9:00-9:15 – Free Play/Icebreaker
9:15-10:45 – First Activity Period
10:45-11:00 – First Snack (BYO)
11:00-12:30 – Second Activity Period
12:30-1:30 – Lunch (BYO)/Outdoor Play
1:30-3:00 – Third Activity Period
3:00-3:15 – Pick Up

Q. How big are CMB camps?
A. Camps that are hosted here at CMB or in the STEAMlab are limited to 12 participants.

Q. Is there a member discount?
A. Yes! We offer a 10% discount on our camps with a current membership. Call (406) 522-9087 to get the promocode prior to registration.

Q. Are scholarships available for your camps?
A. Yes! We have a limited number of half-price scholarships available. Call (406)522-9087 for more info.

Q. What should my child bring to camp?
A. Children should bring their snacks and lunch, a water bottle, and play clothes appropriate for our changeable Montana weather.

Q. What is the CMB Summer Camp cancellation policy?
A. Cancellations made within 14 days of the camp start date will not be refunded. Cancellations made between 15 and 29 days prior to camp will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made 30 days or more prior to camp will be refunded in full, less a $25 administration fee. Proration for partial or incompleted camps is not offered.