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Our High-Tech Learning Lab

STEAMlab is a hands-on, mentor-led space where children from diverse backgrounds construct meaningful projects, build skills and unlock understanding. View hours and programs here!


Circles All Around!

Uncover the hidden world of circles. Explore circles in nature, discover their many mathematical properties, experience the force of angular momentum, create circle-inspired art. Circles are everywhere!

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Circuit Studio

Circuit Studio is all about electrons! Tap out a tune at the Toolbox Piano on clamps, wrenches, and pliers. Build closed loops to and from battery packs to flip switches and activate lights at our Tangible Electrics & Snap Circuit tabletops.

Activity Zones

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Welcome to STEAMlab, CMB’s powerful engine of learning! Enjoy hands-on, mentor-led programs in circuits, coding and 3D-printing for kids ages 8 and up. Click here for a current program listing!


Hands-On Science

Set your world in motion! Send parachutes soaring high in the Flight Lab; test gravity, velocity and trajectory at the marble run; count the swirling lights in the Infinity Mirror.  It’s a playground for the mind!


Circuit Studio

Connect and create in the Circuit Studio. Build working circuits, make music at the Toolbox Piano, test your skills at the Laser Maze Challenge, and explore the magic of magnetism. Powered by Zoot Technologies.

maker place

Maker Place

Design, engineer, fabricate and learn in our Maker Place, a tinkering zone for all ages. Materials rotate monthly, and appropriate tools are provided. We supply the materials and you supply the fun!


Explore Montana

Discover the wonders of Montana. Hop on our farm horse and go for a ride; collect eggs from the barn chickens; harvest carrots, sunflowers, and corn from our garden; cast your line from our boat into local waters!


Toddler Garden

Surrounded by Jarrod Eastman’s whimsical mural, your toddler can practice rolling, crawling, climbing, and cruising in this space designed for kids aged three and younger.

Outdoor Play Space

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Count the bugs in our Bug Hotel, excavate in sand under the Sabertooth Tiger, smell the Echinacea in our Pollinator Garden, and buzz around the Play Hive!



Watch and record the growth of our raised bed gardens as the sunflowers, lavender, beets, and beans reach for the sky!