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The Children’s Museum of Bozeman was founded in 2001 by Bozeman residents Penny Murray and Nicki Young, both of whom recognized that enriching, experiential learning opportunities are central to all children’s education and growth. They set about creating a series of interactive exhibits which they presented at parades, farmers markets and community events around Bozeman to help create public awareness of the need for a children’s museum, and to kick off early fundraising efforts. What began as a grass roots movement to enhance early education offerings for Bozeman children has since grown into one of the city’s main museum attractions.

CMB has occupied its current facility on South Willson Avenue in historic downtown Bozeman since 2008. This 4,600 square foot facility offers exhibit and classroom space on three levels, plus a play yard and garden. The CMB offers interactive exhibits, enriching summer science camps, after-school activities, and educational programming throughout the year. Aided by a small but dedicated staff with expertise in science education, business planning, design, and marketing, CMB has created powerfully interactive permanent exhibits and hosted national touring exhibits from museums around the country.


The Children’s Museum of Bozeman enriches our community by engaging children and adults in the magic of shared learning and discovery. We are dedicated to providing hands-on exhibits and educational programs that spark imagination, foster curiosity and promote self-confidence.

Children’s Museums empower children to learn at their own pace. They are places where childhood is respected, nurtured and celebrated. Children’s Museums are places where kids can spend time doing just what they should be doing – being kids. Take a look inside our museum. You’ll see babies and toddlers exploring textures, stacking blocks, and crawling through tunnels. You’ll see boys and girls identifying fish in a aquarium, examining x-rays in a veterinary clinic, rowing off into the sunset in a wooden boat, or making giant bubbles in a bubble tub. You’ll see moms, dads, and caregivers making connections, exchanging ideas, and exploring the world alongside their children.

Our goal at the Children’s Museum of Bozeman is to contribute to the well-being of the children in our community by providing safe, fun, and affordable educational opportunities for whole families to enjoy.

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Board and Staff

Menu Choices

Board of Directors

Abby Turner, Ex Officio
Marisa Bueno, Past President
Jen Cox
Richard Harjes
Cal Harrington, President
Josh Doherty
Natalie Gilmer, Treasurer


Pamela Jacques, Director of Exhibits and Design
Margaret Ramsden, Director of Education
Abby Turner, Director of Operations
Jen Walker, Bookkeeper
Halley Bennett, Visitor Services
Mariah Grimes, Visitor Services
Thuy Nguyen, Visitor Services
Wyatt, Exhibits & Maintenance
Miranda, Building Caretaker