In the STEAMlab

Menu Choices

June 12 – 16

All New Curriculum: Launch!
9am – 3:30pm; $235
For kids entering Grades 1 – 6

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Registration Closed.


August 14 – 18

Build the City of the Future!
9am – 3:30pm; $235
For Grades 3 – 6

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Summer Open Lab Hours June 20th – August 8th

NEXT: Wed., July 5th 10am-12pm
*No Open Lab July 4th*
Tuesdays, 4-7pm
Drop Off: Grades 6 through 12
$5 or free with membership.


June 27 – 29

Tuesday – Thursday
9am – 3pm; $175
For Grades 3 – 5

Minecraft is a powerful tool used by design professionals. Dream it, build it! SOLD OUT!


July 11 – 12

Tuesday – Wednesday
9am – 3pm; $125
For Grades 3 – 5

Learn the basics of robotics programming and test your robot in our massive maze! Sign up here.


July 24 – 25

Monday – Tuesday
9am – 3pm; $125
For Grades 3 – 5

We’re making movies the old fashioned way: one frame at a time. Simple methods, endless opportunities! Sign up here.

In the Museum

Menu Choices

September through May

On the first Monday of the month throughout the school year, CMB teams up with Kate Bryan and Chet Leach for a series of fun, family-oriented music-making experiences. Singing, rhythm, and improvisation!


10am – Noon

STEAM Saturdays happen every month during the school year in the CMB STEAMlab! Families work together to build STEM-related projects with the support of volunteer STEAMlab Mentors. Drop in and learn together!


Next FFN: July 14th!

The Second Friday of every month!
Friday nights at the Children’s museum are fun for the whole family! Play and learn together as you explore our exhibits. We’ll be serving pizza for $1 a slice, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Tarantino’s Pizzeria.

School Field Trips

Menu Choices

Grades PreK – 2

Museum field trips are offered to area schools and other organizations year-round! We are able to host up to 32 children at a time at a group rate of $3. In groups of 20 or more, accompanying adults are free of charge; one adult, please, for every 5 children to ensure adequate supervision as your group explores our museum. Contact Kate Pace to learn more and sign up! (406)522-9087, or


Grades 3 – 6

STEAMlab Field Trips explore curriculum in electricity and engineering, and are offered to area classrooms throughout the school year. Students will split into groups to cycle through a variety of standard-aligned, hands-on activities. Contact STEAMlab Programs Manager, Margaret Ramsden, to learn more and sign up! (406)522-9087, or