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Tuesdays, starting Sept 5th!

Drop Off: For Grades 6 – 12
4 – 7 pm thru the school year
$5 or free with membership

Additional daytime hours weekly;
View the full schedule here!


September 20th

4-5:30pm, $15
For Grades 2 & up

Navigate the world of Minecraft on our secure server and print your builds on our 3D printers. Click here to sign up.

creepy concoctions

October 26th

4-5:30pm, $15
For grades 2 & up

We’re mixing potions that glow, bubble and steam – and learning all about the chemistry behind their reactions. Click here to sign up.

custom legos

November 15th

4-5:30pm, $15
For grades 2 & up

Harness the power of CAD to design and 3D print your own Lego-compatible components – bricks, plates, wheels and more! Click here to sign up.

Fall 2017 PIR Day Camps

Menu Choices

Monday, October 2nd

For Grades 2-5
9am-3pm, $75

Deconstruct toys, household objects and simple machines, then hack them back together and give them new life! Click here to sign up.


Tuesday, October 3rd

For Grades 2-5;
9am-3pm, $75

Design, construct, and test your very own customized version of the classic Operation game. It’ll tickle your funny bone! Click here to sign up.


Thursday, October 19th

For Grades 2-5
9am-3pm, $75

With DaVinci as our inspiration, we’ll design spans, overpasses and cantilevers that can withstand the forces of tension and compression. Then we’ll team up to assemble an enormous archway – look Ma, no nails! Click here to sign up.

Family Science Days

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Monday, October 2

For all ages; 10am-12pm
Free with membership or admission

Bookworms of all ages will enjoy reading aloud to our furry friend from Intermountain Therapy Animals. This dog loves a good story – and he’s a great listener, too!


Tuesday, October 3

For all ages; 10am-12pm
Free with membership or admission
Our 4-H friends from Manhattan are bringing some of their favorite farm animals to the museum for us to meet. Pet the critters, then stick around for a fun 4-H craft.


Thursday, October 19

For all ages; 10am-12pm
Free with membership or admission
Meet the avian ambassadors from the Montana Raptor Conservation Center. These rescued birds of prey can’t be returned to the wild – but they’re amazing teachers!


Friday, October 20

For all ages; 10am-12pm
Free with membership or admission
Hungry caterpillars, quiet crickets and very busy spiders! We’re celebrating one of our favorite authors with a morning of art activities.

Ongoing Programs

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October 9th at 11:00am

On Monday mornings monthly throughout the school year, CMB teams up with Kate “Music Kate” Bryan and Chet Leach for a series of fun, family-oriented music-making experiences. Sign up for Music Monday with Kate Bryan.


Next FFN: November 10th

The Second Friday of every month!
Friday nights at the Children’s museum are fun for the whole family! Play and learn together as you explore our exhibits. We’ll be serving pizza for $1 a slice, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Tarantino’s Pizzeria.

School Field Trips

Menu Choices

Grades PreK – 2

Museum field trips are offered to area schools and other organizations year-round! We are able to host up to 32 children at a time at a group rate of $3. In groups of 20 or more, accompanying adults are free of charge; one adult, please, for every 5 children to ensure adequate supervision as your group explores our museum. Contact Kate Pace to learn more and sign up! (406)522-9087, or


Grades 3 – 6

STEAMlab Field Trips explore NGSS standard-aligned curriculum, and are offered to area classrooms throughout the school year. Students will split into groups to cycle through a variety of STEAM-focused, hands-on activities. Contact STEAMlab Programs Manager, Margaret Ramsden, to learn more and sign up! (406)522-9087, or